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Flushable Nappy Liners (Twin Pack)

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Flushable nappy liners take the mess out of cloth nappies.  Place the liner on top of the cotton insert to catch the mess. Then flush away.

Two Rolls of 100 liners.

Product Description

Less mess. Less fuss.

Real Nappies flushable liners make clean up easy.  Lay the generous size liners on top of the cotton nappy insert (sold separately).  Soft and gentle, the liner’s unique weave promotes the absorption of liquids,  allowing the wet to pass through onto the cotton insert, whilst catching the solids.  No scrubbing of inserts!  Simply flush the solids away with the liner in the toilet where they belong.

Standarsizing sizing means our liners can be used with other cloth or disposable nappy brands.  Breathable, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and dye-free, 100% compostable fibres and totally earth friendly.  Made from ingeo: The world’s first man-made fibres from 100% natural, renewable resources.

Our liners are on a compact, convenient roll making nappy changes quick and easy.  2 rolls of 100pcs.



  • We recommend that you DO NOT fold your liners.  If they are too large simply cut them in half or wrap them around your nappy.
  •  NEWBORNS: Many parents do not use liners until their baby is on solids, as liquid poo may run off the liners, try them and see what works for you!
  • For older-style plumbing, sewerage or septic tanks please test before use.   Please flush one liner at a time only.  You are responsible for the effectiveness of your own plumbing/septic system.


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