Over the years we think we’ve gotten pretty good at knowing the sort of questions that you may ask, and we think we’re pretty good at answering them too!

So here are our top ten do’s and dont’s with Real Nappies:

The Do’s

*DO make sure you wash the cotton inserts 3 times before first use, to fluff up the absorbency
*DO watch our nappy changing videos to ensure you are folding correctly
*DO make sure there is a good seal around the legs, not too tight but the cover should be a firm, snug fit
*DO make sure you have pulled the nappy and cover up at the front to the tummy button, be firm but not tight
*DO fold your nappies and pop in the change station so they are ready to use come change time
*DO rinse your cotton nappy/ cover immediately when they are soiled
*DO hang your nappies/covers in the sunshine: stains magically disappear!
*DO check our list of recommended Laundry Detergents
*DO fasten the velcro tabs before putting in the washing machine
*DO occasionally run a hot wash to clear any laundry detergent

The Don’ts

*DON’T let any nappy protrude from your covers, if it is, poke it back in!
*DON’T leave you baby all day without changing, we recommend changing every 2 (newborns) – 4 hours (as baby gets older)
*DON’T use fabric softener, bleach, whiteners and DON’T SOAK YOUR COVERS
*DON’T add too much detergent : we recommend using aprox 1/4 of the manufacturers suggestion
*DON’T run your washing machine on low water levels: use the highest water level possible to ensure all the detergent is washed away
*DON’T try and upsize too quickly, the nappy will be too bulky and could leak
*DON’T leave nappies in a container for more than 3 days, any stains will start to set and the smell will be unbearable!
*DON’T leave home without enough nappies, covers, wet bag, cloth wipes for your whole trip.
*DON’T think you can get away with just a few nappies, if you don’t have enough you are likely to get frustrated and move to disposables, our Birth to Potty Pack gives you a great recommended purchase amount
*DON’T use nappy cream with cloth nappies, if you do please use one of our nappy liners

Please feel free to contact us at info@realnappies.co.nz if you have any questions: however silly you think they sound, we promise we won’t laugh, we are here to help : )

Remember you will do a lot of changes, so make it a happy time, a happy ritual that you share with your baby, use this time as a chance to talk and interact with your baby and enjoy!