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Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 5.36.48 amThen you’ve come to the right place!

What is Product Testing?

It’s pretty simple really, you ‘Like Us’ on Facebook and every month we will announce a new product that needs testing, we will request a certain age baby.  If you meet the criteria for that product sign up here with your details.  If you are selected, the product gets sent to you FREE and you get to keep it!

Can I sign up even if I my baby is older than you require for this product?

Absolutely.  You can sign up here, we keep all the details on file and will notify you if you are lucky enough to be selected for our next lot of Baby Testers.

What sort of products would I receive?

It could be anything for baby-pre-schoolers, from a Cloth Nappy to a Toy Car to Building blocks, who know’s but that’s the exciting part about it!

What do I need to do if I get selected?

When we send you your product, we will also send you a short survey which we would expect you to complete thoroughly giving honest opinions:  we’ll take the good with the bad—from “I love it” to “I couldn’t wait to chuck-it-in-the-bin”.

What personal details will you need?

We may like to use your name but we do not need to use your surname.  If you agree to take part in the testing we will require a photo of you and your baby with the product being tested.

Do I have to return the product?

No, once received the product is yours to keep.

Will I definitely get selected to test the product if I sign up?

No, selection is made monthly and you may not get selected, we do have a large panel of testers.

How can I sign up NOW!

Easy, just like complete our signup form here and if you are lucky enough to get selected, we’ll be in touch! 

How do I know if I’ve been selected?

We will contact you by email, but in case our email goes into SPAM and you miss out, it’s a good idea to ‘Like Us’ and keep checking our Facebook page as new product reviews and details of our testers will always be posted there. 





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