Cloth Nappies with a Newborn

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Have you thought about using cloth nappies but are in a panic about what to do, what you need and how to do it? Well we were lucky enough to find a mum who has used Real Nappies cloth nappies from Day 1 and she was only too happy to share her experiences… Click here to read more…

Many people told me, you will never use cloth nappies on your newborn, you have enough to do and won’t want the hassle, wait a few months. But I wanted to use them from Day 1 on bubs, so I was determined to do my research and give them a go.

Why did you choose Real Nappies Cloth Nappies?

They seemed the most cost effective, simplest to use and the reviews on them were really positive, plus they’ve been around a long time. They also offer a 2 child guarantee, and as we plan on having more babies this was important to us to have something that would last!

What is your #1 tip for successfully using Real Nappies?

make sure you have enough, we went for the Birth to potty pack so we had plenty and only had to wash every few days without running out. There are 6 covers and 24 cotton inserts in the smaller sizes, so this gives you an idea of what you will need.

Did you use Real Nappies from Day 1?

Yes definitely, why wouldn’t you? We just prewashed the nappies and covers and had them ready to go in our hospital bag along with the little outfits. We only stayed in a few days so it was pretty easy, hubby took home the wet nappies. We practiced before bubs was born on a teddy so knew just what to do! Newborn’s legs are so tiny and skinny so it was great to be able to get a really snug fit around the legs as you can customize Real Nappies to get a really good fit.

What about the Washing?

This isn’t a big deal, we just rinse the inserts and covers if they got dirty and popped them in a dry bucket (we had 2, one in her room and one in the laundry, just in case). This was what Real Nappies call Dry Pailing.

Every 3 days we popped the bucket load into the washing machine, popped in the detergent (about a spoonful) and added a spoon of Nappy Fresh (this came in the pack and sanitises and gets rid of stains).
We always do a hot wash just to make sure everything is clean, then we machine dry or if the weather is good throw the washing on the line : )

What do you like best about Using Real Nappies

We love using cloth nappies for heaps of reasons but here’s a few:

  • Feeling her butt in a cloth nappy rather than a papery, plastic disposable is soooo much nicer!
    We never felt guilty about putting on a fresh nappy as we never threw them away or worried about the cost (each disposable costs around $0.40 on average!)
  • Often we would end up changing bubs as a newborn around 12 times a day as she is breastfed so was always soiling, we would have been mortified to see all the rubbish and $$ walking out the door to the trash!
  • We loved how we could securely fold her nappy around her and we used a snappi at the beginning too, this was great as the nappy felt really secure on her and we only ever changed her clothes once from a ‘Poonami’, and that was at the beginning when we folded the nappy a little wrong!
  • I’m really proud to see her nappies hanging on the line and knowing that her nappies are completely chemical free : )

Out and about with Real Nappies

We use Real Nappies 24/7 at home or out and about. Seriously there is no reason why you wouldn’t. We just take a spare couple of nappies, cover and waterproof bag (one comes with the Birth to Potty Pack).
You just change her nappy the same way as you would a disposable and just take the wet nappy home and throw it in the bucket ready for wash day.
Any issues with Real Nappies?

To be honest no! Initially we did have to watch the videos a couple of times but we soon got in the swing of folding the nappies, no problem.
Do you use Real Nappies at night?

Absolutely, when I was feeding her several times during the night, I did change her at every feed, but I would have done in any nappy anyway. I just used the night light and it was fine, quick change and then a feed, then back to bed.
Now she’s 7 months she sleeps through but I have upsized her nappy for night time : crawler nappy and cover plus a night time booster (this came in the Birth to Potty Pack too). She wears infant inserts and covers during the day. She sleeps all through with no leaks so must be fine!
Just a note to finish on: we take her swimming now and we even received a reusable swim nappy in her Birth to Potty Pack! We love her change time, we chat with her, sing and play when she’s on her change mat. You spend a lot of time changing nappies so may as well enjoy it, thanks Real Nappies for an awesome product : )

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