Did you know that your precious bundle of joy will go through approximately 6,500 nappies in his nappy years, meaning more than 1 tonne of waste is being thrown into landfill produced by your little one alone.

Thats a load of rubbish!

Well yes it is and to top it off every disposable nappy ever thrown away still exists in landfill.


ava smilingBecause disposable nappies take up to [highlight_dark]500 years[/highlight_dark] to decompose.

That stinks!

Well yes as a matter of fact it does as included in the thrown away nappies are many   pounds of raw fecal matter. Viruses found in feces can pose a threat to water supplier and wildlife but seeping though cracks that sometimes develop in landfills.

Wanna be happy?

Well every time you use Real Nappies you are preventing another nappy going to landfill, your baby will thank you for it, your planet certainly appreciates it.  So be happy: you’re awesome : )

    • Real Nappies are plastic free: even eco friendly brown nappies are still plastic, so switch to cotton.
    • Real Nappies cotton is certified to the highest Öko-Tex ecological standardswhich involves rigorous testing for over 100 harmful substances!
    • Real Nappies bioliners are 100% biodegradable, meaning you can safelyflush away with the poop where they belong!

Did you know?

[highlight_dark]30 billion[/highlight_dark] disposable nappies are thrown away in the world annually

[highlight_dark]150 tonnes[/highlight_dark] of plastic go into making nappies every year

[highlight_dark]1.2 mil tones[/highlight_dark] of tree pulp are used every year in the disposable manufacture

What’s hidden in some disposable nappies? Dioxin (a by-product of bleaching the pulp) which has been linked to cancer, as well as other chemicals and fragrances that can irritate sensitive baby skin.

Compare that to the natural resources used to make and clean three to five dozen cloth nappies.

It’s not ROCKET SCIENCE, it’s a simple change that can easily be made every day, using cloth nappies 24/7 or a mixture of disposables and cloth.

So be happy, keep smiling and make the change : )

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