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Let’s face it we all like to save a bit of money eh?  So whatever your reasons for using cloth nappies, this one has to be a consideration.  I love the following quote:

Born Free, Now I’m Expensive”   Author Unknown

Now don’t we know it, when we have kids our lives turn upside down, and unless you are a Mr Branson of this world, at one point or other money will come up in discussion.  Well we don’t think money should even be discussed in terms of cloth nappies, I mean why should it?  By using Real Nappies you will save thousands of dollars…. wanna know more?

Convince me.


Ok so, lets think about it, your beautiful little bundle of joy will end up going through aprox 6,500 nappies over the course of the time they are in nappies: 10-12 a day at newborn stage and around 6 a day as they get older.  This is regardless of whether they are in disposables or cloth. 

Now on average a disposable nappy will cost you $0.39 – $0.89 each (depending on brand and size of nappy).

$0.39 x 6500 changes = $2,535 (based on cheapest, own brand nappies available)

$0.89 x 6500 changes = $5,785 (based on top quality brands)

Sometimes a visual is easier to demonstrate:



In practice the majority of people end up paying top price for their nappies, however for the purpose of this calculation let’s assume the average spend on nappies is somewhere in the middle of the two extremes:

This equates to over $3,000 saved by using Real Nappies and what do you have to do?  Turn on the washing machine : )

More Savings…

PLUS, as Real Nappies GUARANTEES their nappies for 2 babies, you end up with more than double the savings if you use Real Nappies on #2!

Sound appealing?  Yes, that’s why thousands of happy parents have jumped on board to enjoy Real Nappies and the health, environment and financial benefits they offer : )


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