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We are proud to be working with Waitakere Maternity Unit, Waitemata DHB is the largest of New Zealand’s healthcare operators.

It serves a population of half a million people and its hospitals care for 6,000 newborn babies each year. Its Waitakere Hospital has adopted Real Nappies reusable nappies as it’s brand of choice:

“At Waitakere Maternity unit we are using Real Nappies as our choice of nappy for babies. Every parent of a newborn baby is given the option of using Real Nappies. Real Nappies are easy to use, leakproof and fit our newborns snugly regardless of birth weight.

“We chose to offer parents the Real Nappies system because of its ease of use, quality and effectiveness. It is another eco-friendly option for families in West Auckland. Offering parents cloth nappies whilst in hospital means parents can really give their baby the best possible start in life, whilst saving money and the environment at the same time.

Helen Ngatai Midwifery Manager Waitakere Hospital WaitemataDHB


Real Nappies have partnered up with heaps of councils throughout NZ, contact your council and see if they support Real Nappies and see if you can get a subsidy towards your nappy purchase : )



many thanks to Eva from The Cloth Nappy Company for the beautiful photo of 3 day old Seften in his Real Nappies : )

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