How to Prepare for Baby Naturally


How to Prepare for Baby Naturally

Congratulations: you’re having a baby! Whether you decided to go green years ago or your new arrival has caused you to rethink the number of chemicals in your home and the impact you’re having on the earth, how to prepare for baby naturally can feel overwhelming. There are several small things that you can organise throughout your pregnancy that will make a big difference when baby arrives.
Decide to use cloth nappies. Not only is it far less expensive, cloth nappying has a far smaller environmental impact than disposable nappies. Every cloth nappy can be used dozens and even hundreds of times during baby’s years in nappies. Disposable nappies, however, are one-time-only use–and as a result, they’re taking up a huge amount of space in landfills. Real nappies cloth nappies are a much more eco-friendly (and wallet-friendly!) alternative.

  • Look into green toys for your baby. Your home will soon be filled with toys in every shape, colour, and size. Make sure those toys are safe for your little one, produced in a sustainable manner, and better for the environment. Products like Haba’s toy line are designed for eco-friendly fun. Many naturally-based toys are made of wood, making them durable enough to hold up to anything your baby might try.
  • Check out sleep sacks, blankets, and clothes made out of more natural materials. The Go Go Bag by Merino Kids, for example, is a 100% natural sleep bag that will keep your baby wrapped up safe and cozy without exposing them to anything you’d rather not have close to your baby’s precious skin.
    Be careful about your soaps and lotions. When you choose a natural soap for your baby, you’re choosing to keep their sensitive skin safe from harsh chemicals and other substances. Do your research and make sure that you choose a truly natural soap or lotion to help prevent dry skin, eczema, and other problems.
  • You want to keep your baby safe from dangerous chemicals and other substances, but you don’t want to break the bank, either. Many natural products are more expensive, but you’ll find that they have a longer lifespan than the cheaper alternatives. Not all products are more expensive though: Real Nappies saves you $$$$ over the time your little one is in nappies and plus they are guaranteed to last through 2 babies too!

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