It’s All About Family


At Real Nappies we have a little saying: Family First

It doesn’t matter that the accounts need doing or paperwork needs filing, if your baby has the sniffles and needs mum or dad to pick them up from Daycare, if your son has a school trip that you simply ‘must go on’, then go you must.


We understand, we’re parents too.

We’re a Team

Ever since Real Nappies begun in 2003, the whole team at Real Nappies have been just that, a team, we support each other, have a mutual respect for each other and care about the world our children will grow up in.  Every

person involved in Real Nappies uses our nappies and feel passionate about them: even our external Marketing Company uses Real Nappies on both their babies, how else could they have an understanding of what appeals to our customers? 

In fact most of the models you will find on this site are our very own employees’ babies!  The little lad on the packaging? Well that’s our son, he’s 10 now!     Thanks Joe : )


We’re Flexible

If a job needs doing, we’re a team, whether that means the Marketing Director stepping in to pack orders, enter invoices or answer the phone, we’re all over it, we’re a unit.

If our Accounts lady wants to work from home when Timmy is sick or our Blog writer would rather write a blog in the evening when the kids are in bed, so be it.

Because we are so flexible our staff love working here, they do good work and ultimately everyone is happy including our customers.

No Rule Book

Because there is no rule book with kids or life : it happens so lets work with it.


I like to think our workplace is a bit like our nappy:

comfortable nappy = happy baby
comfortable workplace = happy parents

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