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You are probably reading this because you are using Real Nappies. You are probably using Real Nappies because you feel pretty strongly about the things you love, like your bubs and the planet they will grow up in, well we think that’s pretty cool. And, guess what we feel the same way, we too are super passionate about all these things so let’s get together and spread the Real Nappies ?

Teaming up to spread the Word… We are often being asked by customers how they can tell others about us and spread the word about Real Nappies, or, tell us about the things they are already doing; like blogging or uploading videos to Youtube, of your nappies hanging on the line or Real Nappies at your change station. Well we think this is awesome.  So we’ve decided to do more about it, to work with you and compensate you if we decide to use your video or blog : )

Show Off and Tell the world you are a Real Nappies Mum or Dad!

So for all you SAHM or SAHD (stay at home mums or dads), or WAHM/D (Work at home mums/dads), or whoever you are, this one’s for you, we would love to see a video or a blog about your experiences, tips, hints and generally life using cloth nappies, a few ideas are:

‘travelling with cloth nappies’, ‘cloth nappies at daycare’, ‘washing Real Nappies’, ‘preparing for the arrival of bub with Real Nappies’, the list is endless….

1. Write a Blog. Simply write down in your own words your experiences, tips, advice about life with Real Nappies (a few hints for titles are above), perhaps you have a better way of folding the nappies, or a quick way to get rid of stains, or you simply want to share how the nappies look in your change table, write it down and don’t forget to include some photos to ‘pretty’ it up! Whatever it is, Sign Up here and we will be in touch.

We really appreciate the time this will take, so as a thank you if we print your blog, we will give you $25 credit on your account to spend on any Real Nappies or mahu skincare products.

2. Record a Video. This can be done with a simple phone camera or a video camera, the best ones are the informal ones. They only have to be short videos: ‘changing baby’, ‘dad playing with bubs in Real Nappies’, ‘Real 

Nappies at Grandmas’,  ‘Playing in the garden with Real Nappies’, ‘Pregnant and why you want to use Real Nappies’, whatever it is we want to see it and hear about it! Please Sign Up Here and we will be in touch.

We appreciate this will take up your time, so if we choose to upload the video to our site or to Youtube or similar, we will give you $50 credit on your account to spend on any Real Nappies or mahu skincare products.


3. Promote us at a Market/Playcentre/Coffee Groups. Our biggest advocates are YOU, our real users. So if you are keen to tell others about us at a local market, coffee group or somewhere in your area, let us know and we will send you a goody bag with brochures, coupons and other bits and pieces.  Simply fill out this quick form! 

4. Exhibiting at Events. If there is an event that you think we should be at, we want to hear about it!   If we agree to YOU demonstrating at an event and and think it’s a good idea we will pay the cost of the stand, plus you will receive $25 p/hour credit for your time, to spend on any Real Nappies or mahu skincare products.  Simply fill out this quick form


So come on, jump onboard and join us for the Real Nappies Revolution : )

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