[dropcap1 color=”rosy”]T[/dropcap1]here are many reasons that parents are choosing to use reusable nappies, whether it’s to help the environment, to reduce chemicals against your babies skin, or cost savings. Every parent is different. Whatever your reason you will find Real Nappies as easy to use as a disposable, but without all the rubbish!

What are Real Nappies?

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  • We are an Award-Winning System, made up of 2 parts: nappy cover (Real Snug Wrap) and cotton insert (prefold)
  • Easy and simple to use, ideal everyday practical choice for busy parents
  • Highly absorbent and leak-proof like disposable nappies
  • Customise to suit your baby and where they need absorbency, then tuck inside the nappy cover.  Optional boosters are available for extra absorbency for heavy wetters
  • 4 different sizes means a slim fit without any extra bulk
  • No need to wash the cover every time, simply change the insert and reuse the cover.  Only wash when wet or soiled, typically every 2-3 changes.
  • Guaranteed to last: the ONLY cloth nappy company to guarantee our products through 2 babies!
  • Place the Optional Flushable liner ontop of the cloth nappy to capture the solids, then flush away
  • Machine wash and dryable


Real Nappies

What do I need?

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Check out our sets for ready to go packs


Any Extra’s I should consider?

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  • Flushable nappy liners  – our liners are laid upon the prefold cloth nappy when baby is being changed. They are flushable and biodegradable and can be thrown away when wet and flushed with solids. The nappy liner allows moisture to pass through onto the prefold cloth nappy but retains the solids. This keeps your cloth nappies clean and easy to wash, makes the prefold cloth nappy system a breeze and helps keep baby‘s bottom drier than with a cloth nappy alone.
  • Real Nappies Booster Pad – Fantastic for when your baby is sleeping through the night and needs extra absorbency in their nappy. The reusable booster pad is constructed with layers of terry cotton and microfleece in an oval shape. To use the booster pad simply place it on top of the prefold cloth diaper, with the microfleece side next to babies’ skin, and enjoy a dry night.
  • Nappy Fresh Sanitizer – An environmentally-friendly, biodegradable nappy cleanser. Not all detergents safely disinfect nappies, whereas Nappy Fresh is antibacterial and deodorizes the nappies during the wash cycle, eliminating the need for a hot water wash or soaking. Simply add a scoop to your machine load along with a cloth nappy-safe detergent (such as Persil Sensitive) and get a deep, disinfected and deodorized clean with only cold water.


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