Out and About With Cloth Nappies Like a Boss

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So you’ve bundled up bubs, grabbed the nappy bag, and finally, you two are ready for an adventure! Or at least a quick grocery run while he naps. But how do you handle out and about with cloth nappies? You handle it just like you do everything else, mum—like a boss. Seriously, it’s no big deal, and we’ll show you how.

1. Pack it: Just like with disposables, grab one more nappy and cover than you think you need for unexpected, er, bumps during your outing. All our covers feature Velcro closures for quick, on-the-go changes when out and about with cloth nappies.

2. Bag it: When it’s time for a change, tuck the used nappy in a waterproof bag, and when you’re ready to wash, simply tip the contents into the machine along with the bag. No need to touch your bundle of joy’s not-so-joyful bundles.

3. Wipe it: You can keep bums clean and chemical-free with reusable wipes. And bonus! When you’re done, you can toss them in the waterproof bag, too. Our mini reusable wipes kit is a great size for outings.

3. Flush it: Don’t be afraid to give yourself a break with our flushable liners. Perfect for staying on the move, these earth-friendly liners are hypoallergenic and fragrance and dye-free. With six rolls of 100 liners, these will see you and bubs through many an adventure when out and about with cloth nappies.

Have more questions about cloth nappies? Contact us or check out our customer reviews. We love hearing from you and telling everyone about the incredible experience of cloth nappying. Happy diapering!

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