Out and about with cloth nappies

Recently on our social media we asked you what questions you had about cloth nappies, and over the next few weeks we will answer them!

The first question is for cloth beginners –
How do you use cloth nappies when you’re out and about?

The key is to have a well packed nappy bag and the rest is easy!
So what do you need in your nappy bag?



Cloth Nappies
I usually pack 4x Prefolds 2x Snug Wrap Covers and a couple of Liners (reusable or disposable – these are optional but make clean up easier)

Wet wipes
I use the Cheeky Wipes system so have a small wet bag with some wet reusable wipes ready to use at change time, you might choose to use a packet of disposable wipes like our favourite brand, Water Wipes

Wet Bag
This is used to put the dirty nappy in until you get home. 
I use a mix of the Real Nappies laundry bag and a wet/dry bag depending on what nappy bag I’m taking and how long I’m going for. The Real Nappies laundry bag can fit more dirty nappies but a dry/wet bag is handy to have as you only need the one bag to store the clean and dirty nappies.

Change Mat
You may have a fancy ‘wipe clean’ padded change mat or a basic flat nappy, both work perfectly, it is used to lay baby on while changing their nappy.

All packed!

When you are out and need to do a nappy change get your nappy bag, lay down your change mat, use the wet wipes to clean baby and change them into a clean nappy.

If possible, dispose of any poo down the toilet (this is where the liner comes in handy) and then fold the nappy up in the cover like you would do with a disposable. 

Pop the dirty nappy in the wet bag and enjoy the rest of your day out!

When you get home rinse the dirty nappies and pop them in your dry pail until wash day.

NOTE: When using cloth wipes you can throw the dirty wipes in the wet bag along with the nappy – no need to find a rubbish bin.

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