Prevention and natural remedies for morning sickness.


Prevention and natural remedies for morning sickness.

Mother Nature has some mean tricks to play when you are on the path to motherhood yourself. Fear not! Here are some natural remedies for morning sickness.


One of the easiest ways to avoid morning sickness is prevention. Learn  your queasy-tummy triggers and find ways to avoid them.

Does the smell of peppers and onions send you running? Get them out of the house (giving them to a neighbour is nice). If you know there are certain smells, and for some women even sounds, that can set your tummy heaving, don’t be afraid to tell the people you are around everyday. Let your partner know that if he tries to kiss you with peanut butter breath you might make a mess of his shirt. Ask your boss if you can eat at your desk or take your lunch outside so you don’t have to smell your coworker’s garlic pasta. Put together a soothing playlist to calm your nerves and drown out some of the jarring traffic noise while driving.

Do you over-salivate into an empty stomach upon waking?

Eat a protein-rich (and fat-rich if you can tolerate it) snack before bed to keep your stomach in digestion mode longer and have a small, salty snack to nibble on upon waking. If saltine crackers aren’t your thing, try Salt and Vinegar chips or small pretzels. Sip a glass of water as well.

Drink, Drink, Drink!

Do you get light-headed and cotton-mouthed from a mere polite exchange in the breakroom? Drink, drink, drink! Water is your best friend — avoid sugary drinks, caffeine, and heavy carbonation. Avoid alcohol COMPLETELY — not only can it damage your baby, it dehydrates your system and depletes dozens of vital nutrients.

Quick Fixes for that queasy feeling

When prevention alone isn’t enough, here are a few quick fixes to calm the heaving biliousness:

Ginger: An anti-nausea champion! Ginger ale, fresh ginger, pickled ginger (usually served with sushi, you can buy a jarful to keep in the fridge for when nausea strikes), ginger tea, and even candied ginger chews. Ginger calms your stomach and freshens your mouth.

Peppermint oil: Don’t eat it! Just get a whiff. Peppermint oil and other aromatic oils can help clear your head and stop your gag reflex. Some oils are soothing and help to calm your system (lavender, fennel) while others clear your head and can give you an energy boost (peppermint, lemon, cinnamon). Just remember that these are for inhalation only — don’t consume or use any oil for self-massage without a doctor’s approval.

Salt and vinegar: There is a reason many women find themselves craving cucumber pickles — they are loaded with electrolytes. Sodium helps the body retain vital fluids and is easily depleted through normal elimination functions, sweat, and vomiting. You need sodium to regulate your blood pressure and carry out numerous functions at the cellular level.

Have a safe, happy and healthy pregnancy. For more information, natural nappies, tips, and help, please feel free to contact us.


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