mattress protector
mattress protector

Mattress Protector by Natures Sway

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Moisture Resisting Mattress Protector – great for protecting your little one’s mattress and for any bed-wetting accidents when they are older!

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Product Description

Made with a special weave of 100% NZ wool, this underblanket is a half size of the traditional Dri-cot with added elastic to hold it on your hammock mattress. It fits comfortably within the fitted sheet and requires minimal care. Treated with natural lanolin for moisture protection this product performs extremely well for many years with the correct care and will give you peace of mind knowing your baby is sleeping on a natural fibre rather than plastic!  It is important not to wash too often and not to use strong soaps or detergents. Note: not to be used in conjunction with any vinyl/plastic sheeting as this causes condensation and has an adverse effect on water proofing.

Size: 70x45cm
Tip: If you buy the full size Dri-cot and wrap it around the hammock mattress not only will you have cover for both sides of the mattress (great for turning over)  but it will last you even longer as you can continue to use it on your child’s single mattress to protect from accidental bed-wetting (which is more common than not!)

Washing Instructions:
1) Hand rinse in warm water
2) Dry thoroughly
3) Press with hot iron through damp cloth
4) Air thoroughly
*Do not wash in soap/detergent as this will disperse water proofing.

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