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natures sway hammocknatures sway hammock olive greennatures sway baby hammocknatures sway baby hammocknatures sway baby hammocknatures sway baby hammocknatures sway hammock

Baby Hammock by Natures Sway


Earn up to 16 NappyBuxx.


Product Description

choosing baby’s first bed in an important decision…

What a gorgeous, natural way to coocoon your baby’s in their first bed, we adore these hammocks from Natures Sway: designed to encourage easy sleep with a gentle bouncing motion and curved line that will minimise pressure on your baby’s developing spine.

single-point suspension beds

If you’re interested in an alternative to the European style crib, you’re in the right place. Our hammocks are single-point suspension beds and by replicating the comfort and security of the in-utero environment, we aim to make the transition between the womb and world as kind as possible.

natural fabrics

We use only the finest double-boiled cotton calico or organic hemp/cotton blend fabrics, New Zealand wool, and high quality hardware to provide a safe, chemical free sleeping environment that will enhance this special time in your lives. Our hammocks have been tested by discerning parents and satisfied babies in many countries, and refined by us since 1993, so that we can  continue to deliver an excellent ‘back to nature’ beginning for babies of the 21st century.

Versatile, lightweight and totally portable!

Our baby hammock can be suspended from any ceiling, beam, door frame, or the Natures Sway Stand. They are the ideal ‘transportable bed’ when visiting friends and family, giving your baby a sense of familiarity that is so crucial for good sleep.

What weight and how long can we use the hammock for?

Supports weight up to 15kg.

On average 6 months, sometimes more, occasionally less. It depends on how active your baby is. Once baby is trying to roll over, sit up or wriggle about the hammock is no longer suitable. This can start around the 4-6 month mark. If you have a placid baby who is still happily sleeping on their back in the baby hammock it could last until your baby is 1 year old.

What’s in the pack?

Our standard hammock pack comes with two ceiling hooks, 50cm chain with karabiner, and a door clamp, which makes it easy to move to the hammock between various locations in the home. You have the option to place the hammock near to the parent’s bed for regular supervision at night, and you can move the hammock to the lounge during the day without compromising baby’s tranquility. The door clamp enables you to take the hammock with you when visiting friends and family, and when on holiday!

Your hammock comes complete with:

1 x pre-washed hammock with D-ring

1 x natural wool mattress

1 x galvanised spring with cover and built-in safety strap

1 x wooden beam

1 x cotton fitted sheet

1 x carry bag

2 x coach-eye ceiling screws

1 x .05 metre stainless steel chain

2 x karabiner clips

1 x door clamp

1 x  instructions booklet

Hammock Benefits

  • Longer sleeps due to the comfort provided by the hammock’s cocoon-like environment and c-curve, designed to minimise pressure on your baby’s developing spine and nerve pathways. Babies are born with a natural primary curve of the spine.  Sleeping them in our hammock ensures even support instead of an uneven weight concentration on baby’s head, shoulders and pelvis, which can develop into structural problems such as plagiocephaly (flat-head syndrome) in some cases (see testimonials).  Parents have also reported that the slightly raised position of the head is helpful to relieve reflux.

  • Establishes self-settling due to the hammock suspension which is moderated by a specially designed steel spring that creates a gentle bouncing motion when baby moves. The hammock has been designed to provide a sustainable bounce co-efficency rating for babies from 3kg to 15kg in weight.

  • Safety features designed with your precious bundle in mind. The swivel snap-hook will ensure that any twisting tension is naturally absorbed while our wooden spreader beam, held in place by cotton ties, keeps the fabric apart. Correct placement maximises the triangular proportions of the hammock and ensures adequate airflow. Our steel spring has an internal safety strap for 100% peace of mind and the hammock can support weight up to 15kgs.  All Natures Sway baby hammocks come with a

  • ​​Luxurious New Zealand wool mattress draws moisture away from the body providing warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Our mattress has sufficient length to ensure that there is a padding to protect your baby’s delicate fontanelle, while the combination of baby’s weight and the curves of the bed make it extremely difficult for a new born to roll over once they are placed on their back.

Additional Information

Weight 2.8 kg

55% hemp, 45% organic cotton. Colour: off white, 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton. Colour: olive green, unbleached cotton calico



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