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Bambo JUNIOR Box (162 nappies) 6 Packs

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Bambo Nature nappies have all the features of traditional disposable nappies but with the added benefits of being kinder to your baby’s skin and better for the environment.

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Product Description

SAVE with our SPECIAL 6 pack OFFER  (162 nappies for only $160) 

JUNIOR 12-22kg, 26-49lbs

About Bambo Nature Nappies

Bambo Nature nappies have all the features of traditional disposable nappies but with the added benefits of being kinder to your baby’s skin and better for the environment.

breathable and absorbent

These eco friendly disposable nappies are breathable, highly absorbent, biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals. The breathable backsheet ensures your baby’s skin can breathe and the hook and loop fasteners can be opened and closed as often as required.

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Eco Certification

Bambo Nature nappies, a Danish brand, are the only eco disposable nappies to hold the prestigious Nordic Swan Eco certification for their eco friendly production process and reduced impact on the environment. Raw materials used in the production of the nappies are certified free from harmful chemicals and pulp is bleached with oxygen rather than chlorine.

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Kinder to baby’s skin

Kinder to baby’s skin, the Bambo Nature eco friendly nappies contain no optical brighteners, perfumes, lotions or moisturisers, which means there is less risk of allergic reactions or rashes on sensitive skin.  Our nappies are dermatologically tested too!

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Protecting their environment

Bambo source materials via the controlled Scandinavian Forestry, ensuring more trees are planted than felled. All materials used are approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

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  • Eco friendly alternative to traditional disposable nappies
  • Suitable for babies with eczema and sensitive skin
  • super absorbent, super soft, flexible side panels
  • Totally chlorine free, no harmful chemicals are used in the production process of these nappies
  • Free from perfumes, lotions and moisturisers
  • Thin and super abosorbent
  • gentle to the baby’s skin and feature a very soft textile-like back and top sheet
  • Outer packaging made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE – 04), which can be recycled.
  • Chlorine free
  • latex free waistband and cuffs
  • Starch based absorbent core
  • breathable backing to keep baby’s skin dry and fresh
  • labeled with the Nordic Eco-label, the FSC label and Bambo Nature dermatologically tested label.

What are the nappies made of?

Bambo newborn nature nappies contain a fabric-feel polypropene layer, absorbant pulp material, wheat starch and polyacrylate.

The fabric-feel back sheet is made from polypropylene, polyethelene and calcium carbonate.

the perfect fit

designed to fit a baby’s anatomy perfectly, ensuring no leakage and making sure baby feels comfortable while enabling greater freedom of movement.

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Available in 6 different sizes

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