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Chew Proof Books by Indestructibles


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The perfect book for babies that ‘read’ with their hands and mouths!


Product Description

Let them ‘read’ with their hands and mouths!

Indestructibles™ introduces a revolutionary new baby book invented by a mother of triplets who wanted to share books with her babies, hassle-free. They are water-proof, tear-resistant, and baby-durable, making them the perfect books for babies who “read” with their little hands and mouths. See them in action in the video tab below…


  • Chewproof
  • Rip Proof
  • Non-toxic
  • 100% washable – pop it in the dishwasher or the washing machine!

About Indestructibles

Indestructibles™ was founded by a mother of triplets who quickly found that paper books, even “board books” are too easily turned to mush and can even be a choking hazard. Wishing to provide her children with a book that they could “read” as much as they wanted, she enlisted the help of Kaaren, who developed three working prototypes–three beautiful child-size picture books that were instant and enduring hits.

What are they made of?

Indestructibles™ is a company with a groundbreaking product–books that babies can actually handle and “read” without being damaged! Indestructibles are printed on a special material, which has the properties of being soft and paper-like, yet waterproof and tear-resistant.

So my baby can enjoy books too?

For babies, reading often looks more like chewing. By providing a book that can be “read” and easily handled, Indestructibles offers an alternative to traditional books, which are easily destroyed. All the while, babies are having fun and naturally developing essential motor and cognitive skills.

Beautifully Illustrated

A book built for life deserves illustrations that are equally timeless. The vivid and alluring art of renowned children’s artist Kaaren Pixton, is ideal because of her honed, yet always fresh approach, which is well proven in the world of children and education.

Helping with their development

Indestructibles continues to strive to bring the world of reading and imagination to the very young – beginning when they are babies – by providing parents a product that is designed age-appropriately for infants’ physical, social, and cognitive development.

What books can I get?

We have several delightful titles available.

Mama and Baby – is about mothers and babies of different species. Kaaren Pixton’s art is bright, swirling with color, and reminiscent of Eric Carle, and it attains an almost 3D richness on the special paperlike stock of the book. 

mama and baby1mama and baby inside page

Baby Faces – features baby’s favorite thing: pictures of other babies. It’s a book for parents and children to share together the many moods of a baby.

baby faces 1baby faces inside

Baby Babble – is a first vocabulary book, featuring baby at the table: spoon, banana, cheese. Baby at play: blocks, teddy bear. Inside baby’s house: lamp, socks, crib. Outside baby’s window: cloud!

baby babblebaby babble 3


Jungle Rumble – is about creatures in the wild.  Kaaren Pixton’s art is bright, swirling with color, and reminiscent of Eric Carle, and it attains an almost 3D richness on the special paperlike stock of the book. 

jungle rumblejungle rumble inside

Plip-Plop Pond! – is about a frog who visits his friends in the pond. Kaaren Pixton’s art is bright, swirling with color, and reminiscent of Eric Carle, and it attains an almost 3D richness on the special paperlike stock of the book. 

plip plop pondplip plop pond inside

Hey Diddle Diddle – The book gives a new spin on a traditional nursery rhyme, so parents can really have fun with the subject—Hey Diddle Diddle follows the coolest cat in New Orleans, a fiddle player who joins his other music-loving friends. The text for the nursery rhyme is printed on the back cover.

hey_diddle_diddle_fnlHEY_DIDDLE_DIDDLE_3 inside

Review by ‘Mommies with style’

I did everything I could to mouth and play with my [Indestructible] that a baby would. Everything. I even asked my 2 year old to “play baby” with it. Yet nothing we did could tear, rip or moisten these oh-so-beautiful reads. Indestructibles were created for babies and, quite obviously, by Mommies. A series of vibrant images, the books are waterproof and tear resistant. No kidding, you can even put the book in a fishbowl or the bath. Yet, unlike typical bath books, these feel and look like real paperback books (i.e. fantastic for carrying in the diaper bag!) And, because it can be cleaned, (and as the mom of a reflux baby I love this) the book won’t be ruined when drool, slobbered and, ugh… the memories, spit up on…

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Baby Babble, Baby Faces, Hey Diddle Diddle, Jungle Rumble!, Mama and Baby!, Plip-plop Pond!



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