mattress stiffener
mattress stiffenermattress stiffenermattress stiffener

Mattress Stiffener by Natures Sway

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The natural way to stiffen up your hammock mattress with coconut fibre and latex.

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Product Description

The natural solution to stiffen up your hammock mattress and make the hammock base flatter and more open. Best used as baby gets heavier to hold the base of the hammock out wider. Sized to fit the newer designed hammock, this 75cm long by 27 cm wide 2cm thick insert is made of coconut fibres formed into a firm and partly flexible sheet with natural latex. It is also used by the mattress makers at InNature for a structured, breathable layer, and will hold its shape over time. Must be used with our natural wool mattress or mattress protector on top. Please contact us if you would like a stiffener sized to fit the original design of hammock.

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