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Merino Wrap by Baby Trenz


Earn up to 3 NappyBuxx.

100% natural sleep solutions with these wonderful merino swaddling wraps from the clever folk at Baby Trenz.


Product Description

Using only the world’s finest merino wool, Baby Trenz have out-classed themselves again with their amazing Merino Swaddling Wraps.  Merino has helps thousands of baby’s (and their parents!) around the world to sleep soundly at night.

merino baby


  • A generous 1m x 1m so baby does not outgrow like fitted swaddles
  • Made using the world’s finest merino wool
  • Includes a free newborn beanie
  • Fully bound with matching merino edging

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Why Merino

Warm In Winter, Cool In Summer. New born babies are unable to regulate there body temperature and Merino creates a micro-climate around your baby’s body, creating a layer of warmth in winter and wicking moisture away from their skin in summer. Merino fibres breathe, keeping your baby dry and comfortable and can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture before it feels damp


Merino fibres can stretch over 30% and still recover to their natural shape. Any mum who has tried to wrap their newborn in a muslin or cotton wrap will know the frustration of it coming undone in minutes. Baby Trenz Merino wraps are naturally stretchy, letting you get a nearly wriggle proof wrap. New Zealand Merino fibre is also longer and stronger and less likely to pill.


Your baby will continue to enjoy their Baby Trenz Merino wrap for months after you have finished wrapping them. They’re great in the car, the stroller, the cot and even as a snugly comforter.


Merino is a natural resource which is biodegradable, sustainable and 100% renewable. You’re not just caring for your baby; you’re caring for the environment too.

How do I swaddle?

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Additional Information


Red, Aqua, Army/Black stripe, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Blue/White Pinstripe, Cobalt Blue, Cream, Egg Plant, Grey/Black Stripe, Hot Pink, Kermit Green, Light Taupe, Milk Chocolate, Orange, Pink/White Pinstripe, Red/Black Stripe, Rose Pink


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