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Natural Wool Mattress

We love this all natural wool mattress from Natures Sway, and you can even choose how to cover this deluxe mattress, with either organic fabric, cotton canvas or a viscose/wool blend.

Product Description

The Natures Sway Natural Wool Mattress is an all natural, non-chemical, soft wool mattress filled with 2 sheets of 500gm bonded wool. It can be covered in Organics fabric, cotton canvas or viscose.

Made specially for use only in a hammock, our mattress gently cushions baby, helping distribute weight evenly along the spine and keeping baby safely on their back.

The Organics outer cover is woven from 55% hemp 45% organic cotton.

Both wool and hemp have water absorbency properties that will help keep baby’s temperature regulated, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer.

The Cotton outer cover is made from pre-washed cotton canvas.

The Viscose outer cover is a 50/50 blend of viscose and wool.

Expect your mattress to naturally compact and felt-up with use. Can be gently hand washed at a luke warm temperature, use only wool detergents and dry flat in the sun.

Measures approximately 87 cm (34 inches) long x 34 cm (13 inches) wide and 3 cm (1 inch) high.

Sheets sold separately.


Additional Information

Weight 0.5 kg

Cotton Canvas, Organics fabric 55% Hemp/45% organic cotton, Viscose/Wool


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