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Night Time Boosters (2-pack)


Relax – these thirsty boosters will keep even the heaviest wetter comfortable and leak free till morning.

Pack of 2.

3282 in stock (also available on backorder)

Product Description

Enjoy a Leak-free night at last!

If you have a heavy wetter or simply need extra back up for an overnight nappy, the Real Nappies Booster Pad is for you. The contoured shape of the booster adds a slim layer to your child’s cloth nappy but adds a maximum level of absorbency.

What’s it made of?

The booster is made from layers of premium, absorbent cotton sandwiched between a micro terry top layer and a micro fleece bottom layer.

How does it work?

Pop the booster on top of insert.  Microfleece layer of booster next to babies’ skin.  Pop into cover.  Done.



  • Adds extra absorbency to your child’s cloth nappy.
  • The perfect doubler for your overnight cloth nappy.
  • Constructed of cotton layers sandwiched between a micro terry top layer and a micro fleece bottom layer, pop the micro fleece layer next to babies’ skin.
  • One size fits all.
  • fit perfectly inside a Real Nappies Snug Wrap Cover
  • Twin Pack
  • Machine wash and dry

what about soiling at night?

No problem, just wrap the flushable liner around the booster and nappy.

Additional Information

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