Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator + 24 Filters!

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Help your child breathe, feed and sleep better with the Award-winning Nose Frida: we adore this product!

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Product Description

Babies get an average of 7 colds a year.

As a parent you will know that when you little baby develops a cold it pulls at your heart strings.  You so feel for them when they are snuffling at night and are unable to blow their nose to relieve their discomfort.

What is Nosefrida?

Nosefrida is the number one selling Nasal Aspirator Worldwide, it reduces the amount of mucous in the nose. When your baby is congested and they are too young to blow their own nose, Nosefrida helps clear their nose, enabling them to breathe, feed and sleep easier.

What makes Nosefrida better than other aspirators?

Nosefrida is the perfect solution, it’s non-invasive-instead of going inside the nose like the bulb on usual aspirators, it forms a seal with the outside of the babys’ nostril(creating a vacuum), Parent powered (mouth) suction is much stronger and effective than the static suction of the bulb or battery powered aspirators.

How does it work?

Place the red mouth piece of the NoseFrida into your mouth. Place the large tube at the base of your child’s nostril, using your free hand to gently secure your child’s hands or head.

Apply gentle suction to begin with, increasing suction as necessary until you see mucous in the large tube. The filter will protect you from getting anything near your own mouth.

Award Winning


  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and BPA & Phthalate free.
  • Includes 24 Filters
  • developed by ear nose and throat specialists over 10 years ago and helps over 500,000 parents each year worldwide.
  • Used and recommended by Paediatricians
  • TGA approved in Australia and FDA(Food and drug administration,USA)


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