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SnuzPod 3-in-1 Bedside Crib White

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Nothing compares with being close to your baby. The award-winning SnüzPod Bedside Crib™ allows you to easily comfort, settle and feed your baby without having to leave your bed, helping build a close bond and ensure both you and your baby have the very best night’s sleep.

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Product Description

SnuzPod 3-in-1 Bedside Crib & Mattress

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More than just a Bedside Crib…

Nothing compares with being close to your baby. The award-winning SnüzPod Bedside Crib™ allows you to easily comfort, settle and feed your baby without having to leave your bed, helping build a close bond and ensure both you and your baby have the very best night’s sleep.



Voted Best Bedside Crib

by Loved by Parents, SnüzPod has a unique 3 in 1 design; a bedside crib with a zip-down wall; a stand-alone crib for the nursery; and a removable rocking bassinet that can be used around the home.



See through zip-down mesh wall  Easily view and access your baby during the night, unlike a Moses basket which has non-transparent solid sides.

Safe alternative to Bed-Sharing The safest place for your baby to sleep in first 6 months is in a crib bedside your bed (UNICEF, FSID). Positioned next to your bed, the SnüzPod provides your baby with their own safe sleeping space , reducing the risks of bed-sharing and fear of smothering whilst still keeping your baby close.
Suitable for 0-6 months  Larger than a Moses Basket, the SnüzPod lasts from birth to 6 months, meaning there is no rush to move your baby into a cot or out of your room.
Keeping you close Comfort, Settle and Feed your baby from the convenience of your own bed, without having to get up; helping make those broken nights that little bit easier.
Bond with your baby – Wake up every morning next to your smiling contented baby.

Ease when Breastfeeding The breathable, zip-down mesh wall provides open access to your baby without having to get out of bed; making breastfeeding more convenient and easy, with minimal disturbance to mother and baby.

Removable Bassinet
simply lift off the rockable bassinet to use around the home, perfect for daytime naps.
Rocking stand gently rock your baby to sleep when in stand-alone crib mode (also providing a slight rocking motion when used as a bedside crib). The hinged stand also makes folding down and transporting to grandparents a piece of cake.

Quality natural mattress
 – Every SnüzPod™ includes a chemical-free supportive Little Green Sheep mattress, for a truly natural night’s sleep.
PEFC certified, E0 Green Ply  We are one of the only brands to use special E0 rated green ply, which guarantees zero formaldehyde and VOC emissions, making for a pure and safe environment for your baby.

Key Features

  • Easily comfort, bond and feed without having to leave the bed
  • 3 in 1 design; bedside crib, stand-alone crib, bassinet
  • Safe alternative to bed-sharing
  • Ideal for mums who have had caesarean sections
  • Removable Bassinet
  • Washable, breathable fabric Pod
  • See through zip-down mesh wall
  • Newborn to 6 months
  • Includes straps for securing to bed (both standard framed and Divan/solid base)
  • Chemical-free supportive Little Green Sheep mattress



Other colours available including: Dove Grey, espresso, and natural.


Q. Why is the SnuzPod safer than Bed-sharing?

The SnuzPod attaches to the parent’s bed and has a zip-down front mesh wall. This not only helps give all the same benefits as bed-sharing, but crucially provides babies with own safe sleeping area and allows for easy access during the night.

Q. What beds will the SnuzPod work with?

SnuzPod is designed to be height adjustable to fit most beds (mattress level height 35cm – 57cm).

Q. Up to what age can my baby use it for?

The maximum recommended age for use is up to 6 months, or as soon as your baby is able to roll, sit, kneel or pull themselves up. With the average use of Moses Baskets up to 4 months, this means your baby can stay in the bedroom for the full 6 months (as recommended).

Q. Is the Fabric Pod washable?

Yes, the fabric pod can be hand washed or wiped clean using a warm flannel and a mild detergent.

Q. Why does the stand rock?

The rocking motion of the stand helps settle babies to sleep. The SnuzPod is designed so it will only move when rocked by the parent, remaining static unless rocked.



“What a beautifully made piece of furniture. I’d decided on a bedside crib but also wanted one that was versatile and this one seemed to tick the boxes, great price too. The rocking motion is great. Highly Recommended!”
Stephanie H – Bucks.
“Just received the Snuzpod, wanted to thank you so much for the excellent service and to say …what a product! We have only had it three days and it’s already making a huge difference to the amount of sleep not only our baby is getting but for me and my partner too! Delighted! I’ve recommended it to all my friends. Thanks again.”
Emma G – Cheshire
“So happy we plumbed for your snuzpod, it’s certainly getting good use around the house and the bedside function works so well. We have a divan and it sits so neatly up against it. Very well done on a marvelous product – the designers were clearly parents – it just works!!!!”
David M – Dublin


Other colours available including: white, dove grey, and natural.


External Size: L100xD42xH95cm (max)
Height adjustable to fit most beds – SnüzPod mattress level height range is from 35cm – 57cm 
Required Mattress size: 36.5×80.5cm, 3cm depth

Additional Information

Weight 13.0 kg



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