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Trix Track Safari Track by Wonderworld

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The Wonderworld Trix Track Safari Track is an innovative new concept with special bricks and creative tricks.

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Product Description

The Wonderworld Trix Track Safari Track is an innovative new concept with special bricks and creative tricks. Join the wooden blocks together to create a sturdy ball run with special tricks along the way. The Wonderworld Safari Track Trix Tracks include special tree shaped bricks, and fun animal tricks including a giraffe flipper, crocodile stairs and elephant slide.


*Combine with other Trix Track sets to create even larger tracks, more tricks and endless fun.

Senses & Skills

• Develops Visual Tracking Skills
• Encourages Imaginative Play
• Promotes spacial perception
• Encourages Creativity and concentration
• Teaches Cause and effect


  • Easy locking system for stability
  • Large wooden colored balls are easy to track
  • Endless configuration possibilities
  • Special bricks are made from a combination of eco friendly recycled saw dust and food grade plastic so it is durable and good for the environment
  • For 36 months and over
  • Made in Thailand
  • Made from rubber wood harvested from a sustainable source
  • Strictly made with non-toxic paints, dyes and lacquers
  • Packaging is made from at least 70% recycled paper
  • Dimensions: 32x9x58cm

Watch your track come alive!

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About Wonderworld

Wonderworld is a strong advocate of protecting the environment. They insist on using rubber-wood, an environmentally friendly, renewable resource. Rubber-wood is harvested as by-product from the culling of rubber trees that are in excess of 25 years of age. These trees no longer produce latex for commercial applications are cut down in order for new rubber trees to be planted. Not only is there no deforestation but every part of the tree is employed to its maximum use.

Wonderworld’s commitment to the environment has prompted it to launch “Tree plus,” a program in which they plant a new tree for everyone they harvest.

All Wonderworld Toys are compliant with both EU and US safety standards.

Wonderworld Toys are designed to enhance developmental skills and are intended to last generations.





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