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Thanks for helping us win Gold!

Real Nappies Wins Cloth Nappy Awards!

We were absolutely thrilled to hear that we have won this year’s Cloth Nappy Awards in ALL 3 CATEGORIES we entered!

These awards were voted for by YOU, which makes them even more special, the categories we were nominated for and won were:

Favourite Flat Nappy/Prefold

Favourite Nappy Cover

Favourite Swim Nappy

We were blown away by this and THANK YOU to all those that voted for us.  It’s funny you sit in your office and write these blogs, send orders, answer calls and help those that need a little advice.  Sometimes you forget why you are doing it all, especially as our son is well out of nappies now…. Then you get that gorgeous customer that rings up, emails us or FB us with a wonderful photo of their bubs in Real Nappies, they tell us how much they love our nappies and just how thrilled they are they took the plunge, this makes us so happy.  These Awards just cement it all for us again, thanks for reminding us all at Real Nappies why we love doing what we do : )

The Facts

We thought we would take a look at some of the key achievements you have all made possible over the 10 years Real Nappies have been in business:

  • We estimate preventing over 100 million nappies going to landfill
  • Our nappies are sold all over the world: in NZ, Australia, USA, China, Europe and more…
  • We were the first company in NZ to get our nappies into the Hospital Maternity Units
  • We supply many Daycares with nappies
  • We are the ONLY cloth nappy company in the world to provide a 2-child guarantee on our nappies and covers

That’s not to say we always get it right, BUT keep on telling us, it’s how we get better : )

Right or wrong we love to hear from our most loyal and most harsh critics – YOU!

Thanks again,

Liz and all the Team at Real Nappies : )


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