My seven month old little girl and I had the pleasure of reviewing an ’Indestructibles’ book titled ‘Baby Faces’. The book is essentially a picture book, with typically only one word per page, that is said to be indestructible – making it chew proof and rip proof. Prior to receiving it I hadn’t heard of these books and when looking at it for the first time I joked that it would be minutes before it was completely destroyed. After all, my daughter is not the gentlest child and it looks a lot like a regular paper book.

After testing this product out I can say that my daughter absolutely LOVES it! Here are some of our thoughts on it:

‘Is it really Indestructible?’

So far the answer is a definite yes! My daughter managed to crumple it and fold the pages and it looked worse for wear but there were no tears or rips and even large amounts of drool did not dissolve the pages in the slightest. Here are some pictures we took along the way while testing out the indestructible claims.

Before: The start of playing with it – the chewing begins!


After : After several weeks of play – A bit crumpled but still in one piece.


Having never washed a paper book in the dishwasher I was keen to try out this claim as well (and what sort of reviewer would I be if I didn’t?). How did it hold up? It survived quite well! There was some very minor running of the colour on one of the pages so maybe it needed a gentler wash cycle but baby didn’t notice so it was all okay. I’m not sure that I would wash it this way again though.

What my daughter thought:

She loved looking at the colourful pictures and crumpling the book up. The more crumpled it became the more she seemed to enjoy it. She often grabbed the book in preference to playing with other toys and because it was such a hit I regularly threw it in the nappy bag to keep her occupied when we were out and about. It certainly got a lot of use. It got chewed on, crawled on, crumpled and thrown across the room.

What I thought:

I think the book is fantastic. It is a good quality book with lovely colorful pages. I like that I don’t have to worry about it getting damaged and obviously it keeps her occupied for a long time, which is great. I would have preferred if the book had words because I have trouble making up good stories on the spot. I also wish that the page with the word ‘Yucky’ did not have a picture of broccoli on it, especially since i’m trying very hard to convince her that vegetables are delicious!


Would I buy it/ Is it worth the money?

Yes. I think $9.99 is a very fair price considering how much my daughter enjoyed it. There are several books in the Indestructible series and my husband and I agree that we would like to try more. I think the ‘Baby Babble’ title is next on our wish list!

Do I recommend it?

Yes, I would definitely recommend it. I don’t think it replaces a bedtime story but is a great book to let baby loose to play with during play time. When buying it you also need to be prepared that it will end up well loved and crumpled instead of staying a nice flat book but in our case that made it more interesting to baby.

Thanks Real Nappies for giving us the opportunity to enjoy this book, here is one last picture of us reading it together.


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