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What product were you asked to test?

Sophie the Giraffe

What age and gender is your baby? Was this product suitable for your baby’s age and gender?

My son is 8.5 months and this product is suitable from birth

 Did you like the quality of the product you received, if not why?


 Did your baby enjoy the product? What did they like about the product?

Yes. He loves to chew it and he also spends a lot of time looking at it.

Did the product do/fulfill your expectations as a parent and do what it was meant to do?


 Would you purchase this product yourself? If not, why?


 Do you think the Recommended Retail Price of this product is reasonable? If not, why?


Would you recommend this product to others?


 What did you dislike about this product?


Any other comments/features you would like other parents to know about this product.

Best not to allow it to be the main lovey toy as once the squeak is discovered, it would be very annoying, especially if the child were to keep Sophie close at night.

Many thanks for becoming a Product Tester for us Kerri : )

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