We recommend you use the dry pailing method to store your nappies between washes.
Here is a good routine to keep your nappies fresh and clean with minimal effort!

Flush it

Our super soft liners can be flushed down the toilet* putting the solids where they belong.
BUT all loo’s are different so please note: for older-style plumbing, sewerage or septic tanks please test before use. Please flush one liner at a time only. You are responsible for the effectiveness of your own plumbing/septic system.

For wet liners, why not compost? Or some people like to put them through the wash and reuse the liners until they’re soiled.

Store it

(called ‘Dry Pailing’) Got a bucket with a lid? Awesome, pop the wet nappies and covers in the DRY bucket until wash day. Walk away and have a cup of tea.

– Ensure Velcro tabs are secured on the laundry tabs inside the cover, to avoid snagging on other washing
– For stained nappies or covers give them a rinse before storing
– Never leave your nappies more than 2-3 days between washing

Wash ‘em

On wash day, Empty the whole bucket contents into the washing machine
Add ¼ of your usual dose of detergent (check here for our recommended detergents)
Add 1 dessertspoon of Nappy Fresh (this whitens and sanitises your nappies)
Wash on hot or cold wash

Less is more in the case of detergent to prevent any build up on your nappies
It’s recommended that you run the load through a rinse cycle or short wash without detergent before the main wash
You can wash your nappies using cold water if you use Nappy Fresh but it’s good to occasionally run them through a hot wash to avoid detergent build up

Dry ‘em

Line dry in the sun (did you know sunlight naturally lifts stains and helps to sanitise?)
Or machine dry (hot is fine for the nappies, but keep it cool or line dry for the covers)

Have a cup of tea while you enjoy watching your nappies drying on the line.
If your nappies are stiff after line drying, give them a blast in the dryer for a few minutes to make them super soft
Leaving your inserts out in a frost is also known as way of sanitising and freshening up your nappies during winter!
Soaking or hand wash
If you choose to soak the cloth nappy inserts, the use of Nappy Fresh sanitiser is recommended.
– Dissolve one tablespoon of Nappy Fresh in one gallon of lukewarm water.
– Soak cloth nappy inserts for at least two hours or overnight
– Rinse thoroughly or use the rinse cycle on the washing machine.
Either hang to dry or machine dry.