Because we know sometimes seeing it done is easier than reading how to do it, we’ve put some vids together for you.  There is a bit of a knack to it all but put it this way, if you get a leak it is probably one of 2 reasons:

1. You’re folding it wrong


2. You’re not using Real Nappies  ; )

Boy Fold

[youtube width=”710″ height=”400″ id=”4qNtDHE2F9Q” ][/youtube]

Girl Fold

[youtube width=”710″ height=”400″ id=”T62bWa6v-_A” ][/youtube]

Liquid Poo Fold

[youtube width=”710″ height=”400″ id=”VGz3PuEFUAI” ][/youtube]

Want to try a different fold?

Find more folds such as the Newspaper, Bikini Twist or Angel Wing Fold, awesome video showing how to use Real Nappies and ensure you get a leak free nappy EVERY time : )

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