How Can I Potty Train My Toddler?

Potty Training

We get more and more phone calls and emails from parents with larger toddlers that do not fit into conventional disposables anymore, or from distressed parents that are spending a fortune on disposable pull ups or from parents that are trying to get their little ones toilet trained.  Here is a link to one such query from a parent that needed a nappy for a larger baby, although only 12 months old.

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Adelaide PBC Show

pregnancy and baby showHello All,

Just a quick post to let you all know Real Nappies will be at the Adelaide PBC Show from 22nd – 24th March. Come along and say hello and as usual we’ll be running all the show specials, the biggest being on our Birth to Potty Pack, which we’ll be selling for $480.

Also if you are free that weekend and would like to earn some extra cash helping me out on our stand then please get in touch.

All the best!